Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jackguar Revamp

I received some critique from Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren on my silly Lepus Panthera creature mash-up. I had a feeling the twisting motion I wanted wasn't really working, and they pretty much confirmed my concerns. The motion is still there in the updated piece, but it looks more believable with the Jackguars body plan now. The legs are now traveling further back in space, and the head is now leading the body motion. They also urged me to continue to push the creatures design and incorporate more rabbit elements. I opted to forego the cottontail though. It's fluffier than it was previously, but a deer/bunny tail isn't useful for a predator, and would be sillier than what I was originally intending. There's probably more I could do to this image, but I want to move on to newer pieces. I'm definitely happier with it now as it is. 


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