Wednesday, October 29, 2014


'Tis the season for ink. Using it to practice more ladies.

Aaaand a dragon reading, cause why not? 

RPG Backlog

Some stuff I can now show that was recently released. A bunch of dragon illustrations for Paizo Pathfinder pawns and a creature design for DnD 5E's new monster manual. 

These were all done sometime last year~

Chuul for 5E

Paizo Pawns:

Lava Drake

Mist Drake

Shadow Drake


Character Practice

Trying out different methods of doing things, getting the hang of stuff.


Miscellaneous practice, speedpaintings, studies and the like

View from outside my workspace window.

Street-view studies, minus the bottom right image which is a partially photo referenced speed painting. And by speed painting I mean maybe 30-ish minutes.

Photo and artist studies. Some Wyeth and Sargent. Figuring out skin tones.

Zbrush Noodling

Been absent for a while, I should really try to update this blog more regularly than in the spurts it receives. As per usual, this is older stuff, just trying to catch up. 

Practicing scales with Arrogath, an old character of mine. Gonna try and do maybe a crocodile study later and try out some different methods of making scales. This was all done by hand without using alphas and I think it looks a little unnatural as a result, albeit these scales are based on pangolins, not reptiles.

A rough bust I sculpted live during the 3D Printer World Expo in Bellevue that I was invited to.

Tiny printed manbat!