Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cougar Mountain Zoo

Sketches from a zoo trip. 
Spoilers: I didn't draw any of the cougars.
There are however shaved alpacas, hyacinth macaws, tigers, wallabies, emus, and crowned cranes.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen and a Caecuraptor

Older work.

Redesign of an older character, think I might sculpt him in Zbrush when I have the time. Kinda a desert pack hunter/scavenger, with a social structure similar to hyena bands but with hunting mannerisms akin to jumpy velociraptors. They tend to start eating something the moment they latch on. Fans are used for communication and temperature regulation. About knee high.

Some Paizo work, creature Illustrations for the Giant Slayer campaign, specifically "Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen".


Lots of doodles, not a lot of finished personal work. Been super busy now that I'm living the studio life and am taking online art classes at home (the products of which I'll post after completion). So far now all I have are sketches and a backlog of older stuff that will show up in the next couple entrees.

 I'm a bit bored of titling blog posts variants of "sketches" or "doodle dump", so for now I'll just enter the first thing off the top of my head. I'm sure I'll regret doing so later, but that's a problem for future me.

Big cat practice - 

Motivational dragons-