Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumnal Qilin

A Qilin/Kirin. Revamp of an old drawing, now with an environment background. I don't know where the idea of Kirin as fancy unicorn horned deer came from. In Chinese/Japanese myth and in ancient illustrations and statues they have antlers, and look more like cloven hooved dragons than anything. The more unicorn-like variations on the creature remind me more of another Chinese creature called the Sin-You. 

Anyway. Here's the process I used for this one.

Thumbnail drawing, for establishing composition, lighting and rough values.

Lowered the opacity and sketched the critter in more detail overtop.

First, painting underneath the sketch lines, I started painting things in more detail/figuring out what was going on. Tossing textures around. Then I painted overtop the critter sketch a tad.

Next, make a color overlay layer, for ya know colour. Then started painting over top that once satisfied.

Then detail detail, and finished.

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