Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tree Legged Behemoth

Another behemoth concept based on a thumbnail sketch. This took so long to get anywhere on because of my accursed addiction to Mass Effect. And then of course my subsequent mass effect withdrawal after finishing the last game. Now I must paint fan-art, ugh and I have so many other things to do already.
I got the idea for the blue head by looking at photos of rhinos in different lighting conditions, the particular image I was thinking of had intensely blue shadows. I didn't want that exact kind of lighting as I still wanted the detailing in the head to be distinguishable, so he's blue skinned instead. Perhaps it confuses predators by breaking up his shape.
Other info: Fatty deposits atop the neck for food/water shortages. Has an obscenely long tongue as its primary mode of food consumption. Strange tusks are used to tear up the ground, trees, other behemoths, whatever it wants. Is twice the height of an elephant, if it was standing in a forest it's legs could be mistaken for tree trunks.

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  1. I love ur creature design... U are really talented (and your zbrush sketches too! )