Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fiachra in Repose

Here are some progress pics of a painting I recently started. (I haven't had a chance to work on it lately, unfortunately.) I wanted to paint my silly female gryphon character "Fiachra", whose an aesthetic mix of a raven and mountain lion ( or cougar, puma, catamount, panther, etc) The pose was inspired by a photo of the aforementioned cat, but I've seemed to misplace the link to it. 
Fiachra is an Irish native, her name is indicative of the region and has multiple meanings, the most descriptive being "raven". Others include "battle king". In Irish legend, Fiachra was also the name of one of the children of Lir, who was transformed into a swan for 900 years.
The gryphon character herself is much like a raven, an optimistic curious and talkative trickster living on future pre-apocalyptic earth. Many of her brethren have been enslaved by an antagonistic Ragnarok worshiping cult, but Fiachra escapes and searches for aid. Here she is resting, a rare glimpse of the boisterous creature.
Anyway, that's enough from my mystical headworld. 

After much tweaking, here's the end result-
(any critique is welcome)

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