Saturday, March 3, 2012

Aerie: Tanngrisnir Goats

Concept creature for the Aerie project. The idea was to design a large burly mountain goat. The Rams of which could adequately defend themselves and their harems of females from draconic predators. The females are fairly similar to the males, except for diminutive differences in the size of their horns and a lack of shaggy mane. The goats are named after the animals that pulled Thor's chariot in Norse mythology. Tanngrisnir meaning "teeth-barer" or "snarler". The name owes to the animals habit of baring their teeth at threats, their sharp tusks, and their adequacy as beasts of burden. These sure-footed herd animals can pull a cart as well as any ox, and with markedly improved agility.

As for the Aerie project, it started originally as an idea for a novel or series of novels with a dragon protagonist. And though this is likely where the idea will eventually culminate; in an effort to flush out the story, characters and world, I'm going to treat the property as if it were intended as a video game. I will create concept artwork for wildlife, environments, weapons, vehicles, enemies, characters etc. The world of the Aerie takes place in a pre-apocalyptic fantasy earth with sci-influences. Human civilization has largely crumbled, governments have collapsed and the world has largely returned to wilderness, with only occasional reminders of the high tech development that preceded it. 

The word aerie (pronounced "eerie") refers to the nests of large birds of prey. In this world, Aerie is the name by which dragons refer to the earth.

 Original sketch concepts.
 Concept 1, of a Mountain Goat inspired design.
Concept 2, and likely the final. This one being more Bighorn Sheep inspired.

There will eventually be a painted model sheet for this guy. The next prey animals to be tackled will be a giant caribou/elk, a rhinoceros inspired unicorn, and a mammoth/mastodon equivalent. The creatures of the Aerie will largely be inspired by mythological beasts, but altered to look like probable relations or future evolutions of current world animals.

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